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Wealthy Affiliate University – About the Unique Affiliate Training in THE WORLD. How do I know? I researched and joined this program to find out for myself! First, I wanted to make sure that Wealthy Affiliate was not a scam.

There is no risk in signing up for an account and checking out for yourself. Why is there, zero-risk?

  1. No payment information required to sign up
  2. No personal information is required
  3. All payments can be processed through PayPal

I can confidently say to join WA; it is Zero-Risk (Guaranteed).

Without further ado, let’s begin! Don’t forget to read to the end to see what bonus you get for joining WA (with any membership)!

Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: Free Starter Membership
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

User Profile: WA Profile @EliseTAG

















About Wealthy Affiliate (and the WA University)

Wealthy Affiliate is leading and propelling the marketing industry, with over 50,000 + (independent) Authority bloggers who rate Wealthy Affiliate their #1 “go-to” platform. That is a lot of people to network with! It was created by Kyle and Carson 15 years ago (2005) and has risen the ranks successfully. Wealthy Affiliate partners with WordPress and Jaaxy, giving you everything you need to succeed, all in one place.

One of the most appealing features of Wealthy Affiliate University is the amazing support you receive. If you are serious about your Online Business and you join the University with a Premium Membership – you will have Live 24/7 Help as long as you have a Premium account. You will have seven days of free access to this feature as a Starter Member.

I have always received help PROMPTLY using Live Help Chat. It is so useful if you want instant help.

This platform is easy to use and navigate (not to mention they have a video on how to use their platform). WA offers incredible training, AND an exclusive web hosting service called SiteRubix.

There are so many great things to discuss – I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

First, let’s talk about training. At WA University – there are two core training programs. Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate BootCamp.

The World’s Best Affiliate Training – If Affiliate Marketing is Your Niche

The training provided by Wealthy Affiliate is genuinely step-by-step and easy to understand. When you take this training lesson-by-lesson & task-by-task – you are smoothly guided through the beginning stages of creating and laying out the foundation for a successful Online Business in Affiliate Marketing.

Help is always available here at WA, and we encourage ALL questions! After each lesson, if there is something you don’t understand (or have questions/concerns about), post your comment in the comment thread below the lesson training. You will get help from multiple people within the community who have experience in the topic in question.

I use both the Live Chat and Comment Threads regularly. There are so many ways you can get help here, and you will never have a question for long.

It is important to note that the more you follow + implement the training – the more success you will see. Harder work comes with greater success. This is not a get-rich-quick training. This is proven training that will guide you on building and maintaining your business utilizing free website traffic (SEO). That being said, it takes time + relevant/creative content to accomplish that.

Luckily this training guides you through it all – setting you up for success from the start! Even if you aren’t good or don’t know how to write. This training will teach you!

I recommend performing the tasks at the end of each lesson and then moving on with the Next Lesson. I can’t stress enough how this training is step-by-step.

==>> View/Watch the First 10 Lessons for Affiliate Bootcamp Phase One

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Learn how to Build a Successful Business in ANY Niche!

WA can teach anyone how to build an Online Business in ANY niche. The first ten lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification – Phase 1 is geared for teaching you how to build a business in any niche. Those lessons are free for anyone to view/watch.

You will get the same level of quality with the training videos, just like Affiliate BootCamp. Broken down, easy to understand, step by step training. You will learn all of the techniques you do in the Affiliate BootCamp program, except the training is geared to teach how to do this with ANY niche.

==>> View/Watch the First 10 Lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification Phase One

About the Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Program 

You earn revenue with WA by referring others to their program who upgrade to a Premium Account. You get %50 of the commissions that will recur MONTHLY for every ONE referral who successfully upgrades to Premium.

Fun Fact: With just two referrals – you never have to pay a monthly membership again! This program is $49/month and has EVERYTHING you need (all with ONE account) to be successful. As a Premium Member, you get $23.50 (monthly recurring) when a Starter Referral (that you have credit for) upgrades to a Premium Membership.

In ANY Niche!

Let’s take a look at what you get in commissions as a Premium Member:

This is pulled from the training:

PREMIUM Member Commissions: (100% higher commissions!!!)

Credits: They Set-up their account => $1 (per referral)
Domain Purchases
: => $1 recurring
Initial $19 offer, Commission
 => $8 (one time)
$49/month, Commission =>
 $23.50 (recurring every month)
$234/six-month, Commission =>
 $108 (recurring every six months)
$359/year, Commission => 
$175 (recurring yearly)!

**Note: on average, 1:8 upgrade to yearly, depending on the Affiliate, and 12% of all free Starter referrals end up going Premium.

When you sign-up someone for free, your goal is to get them to set-up their account. Setting up one account will lead you to an initial $1 (2 credits x $0.50). These add up when you are a Premium member.

When someone sets up their account, they are granted an initial $19 first month offer. This converts very well, and almost everyone decides to stay after the first month because of the value, the quality of the services, the help they get, and the overall positive experience offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We offer lifetime commissions and lifetime cookies, which is truly unheard of in the industry. If you refer someone to WA, they are your referral FOREVER.

Unlike many programs in the industry that focus on “taking advantage of customers,” our focus has and always will be making our service better. The better our service gets, the more people that stick around, stick around for longer, and the better our conversions get.

That is our PATH to making you more money. Striving to make our service the best in the industry is our goal, and this will remain our constant focus. The MONEY you earn as a result of this and the trust you build from the people you refer to Wealthy Affiliate will lead you to a long term and INCREDIBLE business online.

**We payout on the 1st of every month, and we had not missed a single affiliate payment since our inception 14 years ago. We pay on time, and we pay out MILLIONS of DOLLARS per year!
















The WA Affiliate Program is focused on the Affiliates who wish to promote it. This program will teach you about their program and how to earn commission + offers the first Course for free. In reality, you could take the first course, get started, and get four referrals, so you never have to pay for a Premium Membership. Once you get the four referrals, then you can upgrade to Premium and start getting double the commission!

If you choose to start as a Starter Member (for free), you will get fewer commissions. This is reviewed in the lesson. I posted the link above the picture.

The WA Exclusive SiteRubix Web Hosting Platform!

WA Profile SiteRubix Screenshot
Screenshot from my WA Account of SiteRubix

I can easily maintain my Online Business with SiteRubix. As you can see, I have instant access to everything I need to manage my business.

The $49/monthly membership includes unlimited + thorough training – yes, but it also includes SiteRubix. The ultimate web hosting platform.

I personally love SiteRubix, and I feel that the unlimited training + their web hosting service – is available at the best price. Web hosting services can be expensive (not to mention the extra tools you will have to pay for to run your business successfully).

My Premium Membership is an investment to a better life for myself and loved ones. This membership is worth it (in my personal opinion).

Another great benefit of SiteRubix is that SiteSupport is available 24/7, 365 days a year. I have always received a response within minutes when I have asked for help in the past.

As an (Independent) Online Business Owner, that is important to me. If something happens to my website, and I don’t know how to fix it, I have peace of mind knowing that I can reach out anytime to SiteSupport, and I will get a prompt response. In my opinion, you can’t put a price on that.

Wealthy Affiliate Partners

Wealthy Affiliate partners with WordPress and Jaaxy. Wealthy Affiliate packages it all together in one affordable price. Not only that but with the training provided – you will learn how to utilize these tools to maintain success within your business.

As a Premium Member with WA, you will have access to Jaaxy (extensive keyword research, competition analysis, brainstorm engine, alphabet soup, and keyword list management). Jaaxy accounts can range from $49 – $100. I only have to pay for one membership to access the tools I want to leverage.

WordPress is an easy-to-use website builder platform. Without my Premium account with WA, it would cost me (at minimum) $100 just to build/customize my website. That doesn’t include Jaaxy or SiteRubix. Do you see how fast the money can add up?


WA Affiliate Program Search

Wealthy Affiliate has an “Affiliate Programs” option that allows you to find and locate your preferred preferences. Here is a screenshot that I took from my account:









You can see popular categories, popular keywords, and trending opportunities. It even breaks down the ones that have high commissions. This is an excellent resource to use to help you find a niche and also look for programs that you might want to join (at a later time).

I don’t recommend applying for any programs until you are further along in training. The reason being that your website will be rejected (because it is not ready), and you really should follow the instruction from lesson one and perform all the tasks at your own pace.

Running an Online Business that will be targeted for getting free traffic to your website using the right keywords; takes time. The timeline of success (and when it happens) varies from person to person, but it will happen if you follow the training.

I have followed the training lesson-by-lesson and task-by-task. I can say firsthand that I am already seeing the success starting to happen. It is a slow start, but it’s a start. I am that much closer to achieving my goals successfully.

Part of my success is also in part, thanks to the WA Community.

The Amazing Wealthy Affiliate Community

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible one. This community is supportive and encouraging. Help is always available within this platform since there are over 50,000 + people (all over the world) – someone is still there to help! I typically receive help within minutes, depending on where I am asking for help within the platform. I know that if I post a question in the Live Chat – I will get help within seconds.

As a Starter Member, you have access to this feature for the first seven days within creating your account! This allows for help WITHIN SECONDS. Give that the community is so large – there is always someone on + ready to help.

You can leverage the community in so many ways at Wealthy Affiliate. The training provided teaches how to do that.

You will also have support from the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate! That’s right, Kyle and Carson are there to help you! I have personally asked them for help and always received feedback (if you message them privately – it can take a few days to respond as they are swamped – but they will!).

They have truly made this community a pay-it-forward one. With their exclusive SiteRubix Suite, you can go to SiteComments and site feedback. This option is suitable for anyone who is just starting their Online Business (or is wanting feedback on their website). To gain one credit – you must comment/feedback on two other people’s posts. You need two credits for one comment/feedback.

The training (provided by WA) takes you through this and helps you slowly integrate yourself with the WA Community.

Everyone wants your success, just as much as you. Think about having a community of more than 50,000 + like-minded Entrepreneurs supporting and encouraging you with your Online Business. With that kind of society, training, and resources; Anyone really can build a successful business online (in any niche).

There is no other large community that is as supportive and encouraging as this one. We all started from the beginning with the Online Entrepreneur Certification – Phase One, and we all HELP the next one in line. Everyone is kind and respectful.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Affiliate Marketers/Entrepreneurs! Anyone who dreams of owning a successful (and profitable) Online Business (in any niche).

If you are curious about Affiliate Marketing, I highly recommend becoming a Starter Member for free at Wealthy Affiliate. You can feel safe knowing that you do not have to enter any payment information, and you never have to upgrade if you don’t want to.

That being said, If you are serious about Affiliate Marketing – and you want the opportunity to turn into a full-time career – I highly recommend joining the Premium Membership (you will get a discount for the first month (after your first seven days within setting up your account).



Wealthy Affiliate Memberships & Price

Starter Membership Benefits: Free (no payment information required)

+ Live 24/7 Help (for the first seven days) within setting up your account 

+ Network with Thousands of Experts (for the first seven days) within setting up your account 

+ Integrated Training Help (for the first seven days) within setting up your account 

+ Networking Capabilities (for the first seven days) within setting up your account 

+ Website Builder 

+ Security Package 

+ SSL  

+ Analysis  

+ Site speed Performance Boost 

+ Duplicate Content Checker

+ Personal Affiliate Blog 

+ Video Walk-Through’s 

+ Affiliate Program Search 

+ Earn While you Learn 

+ Host Your Domains 

Premium Membership Benefits: ($49/month- more plans available)

*Jaaxy, WordPress, SiteRubix are included with this membership ($200 + Value)

+ Unlimited Access to 24/7 Live Help

+ Unlimited searches, competition analysis, SiteRank tracking, brainstorm engine, alphabet soup, and keyword list management  on Jaaxy  ($49 – $99 value without WA)

+ Ability to Network with Thousands of Experts 

+ Private Access to Kyle & Carson (The co-founders of WA!!!!) 

+ Accelerated Help 

+ 24/7 (365 days) Website Support (With experience firsthand, I can say that I got help within minutes when I have an issue with my website – which isn’t very much)

+ Feedback platform 

+ Engagement Platform 

+ SiteSpeed Extreme

+ High-Resolution Images Database 

+ Automated Image Compression 

+ Many More… 

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

I chose Wealthy Affiliate as my web hosting platform (after doing a TON of research), and I can confidently say that no other web hosting company offers

  • A website builder like the one here (partners with WordPress)
  • keyword research tools (Jaaxy)
  • live video classes
  • training/teaching people how to make money with their site (Step-by-step video training)
  • authoring and content tools
  • website development classrooms
  • Incredible web hosting services

Since joining WA, I have delved into the training. I feel that the training is truly beneficial. I have built this site and started seeing (the start of) success just after 18 days of going through the Affiliate Bootcamp Training (this can be different for everyone). This is my main focus of priority, as I have chosen Affiliate Marketing as my niche.

I am also utilizing the Online Entrepreneur Certification for another Online Business of mine. You only need one website to create a successful Online Business. But I was inspired to create my other website for my animals (I work on this in my spare time).

If you are willing to follow the training and put in the hard work; You will succeed.

Within having any membership with WA – you have your own blog. There are numerous blog posts about success at WA.  I spent a good hour reading them when I first joined. It helped to put things into perspective for me.

You have the opportunity to learn from WA AND the numerous people who have success within WA.

You will be offered a deal from Kyle (one of the co-founders!) when joining. Make sure to watch for this:

“If you join Premium within the first seven days, here are some bonuses that I am going to be giving you:

(1) You are going to get a 59% discount on your first-month Premium membership (only $19)
(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there.
(3) I am going to be giving you my “Diamond Traffic Bonus.”

But only if you join in your first seven days (this is what I call my “action takers” bonus).”

I highly recommend accepting this offer (if you are able). I know that this will not be money wasted. You will see that you will get a 59% discount on the Premium Monthly Membership (only $19). The monthly membership after that is only $49 (valued at $200 +).

With this Premium Membership, you get:

  1. Real-Time Evolving Training
  2. Unlimited Access to Training
  3. A Website Platform that Evolves
  4. Premium WordPress Hosting ($100 +)
  5. The Ultimate Content Platform
  6. Jaaxy Keyword Platform ($49-$99)
  7. A Community that CARES with Live 24/7 Help
  8. A Support System like No Other

You will not find another platform like this anywhere else, priced like this one. Start building your legacy with us today! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.



Anyone who joins Wealthy Affiliate (using my link – as a starter, or Premium) will have one-on-one Personal Coaching Services from me!

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: Free Starter Membership
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100







Please do me ONE favor.

If this has helped you, please like, comment, and share! I am all about sharing helpful information that can benefit everyone. Let’s spread the knowledge around!



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4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate University – More Than Meets the Eye”

  1. Nice, thorough, and informative review on the Wealthy Affiliate program. I have seen many reviews of WA, and as yet I haven’t seen a bad one. It is one of the few programs that I would feel very safe joining, especially since you can join for free, and get two free websites, among other benefits. Sounds like a no brainer to me to join Wealthy Affiliate. Tom

  2. Such an informative post. Now when I join as a “starter” as you are saying there are no credit card requests, I just join and get 7 days free training and receive all the training? What will happen after 7 days if I don’t have money to pay for the premium version?
    How long does it take for the Savage person to start making money on this platform?
    Thanks for the informative and useful post.

    • No credit card is required to sign up. 20 lessons of detailed step-by-step training can be accessed at any point for as long as you have your starter account. The training does not expire in 7 days. For the first 7 days, you will receive access to a features for premium members, you basically get to trial it out before deciding if you want to upgrade or not. You will have access to live help for 7 days. That means that all you have to do is post a question in the chat community bar and someone will help you instantly. There are over 50,000 people in this community, so someone is always on to help. It can take about a year to start making money with your online business. Hope this helps!


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