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Welcome! I am going to introduce the best writing platform, and what features come with it. This writing platform is a part of SiteRubix (The Ultimate Web Hosting Platform) exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate.

I am going to discuss Site Content (1 of 7 features). I enjoy writing with Site Content. SiteRubix not only helps me keep track of my goals, but it also lets me know when my content is indexed in Google.

All of my training has come from Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a video that you can view (without even having an account):

==>> Lesson 7 – Your Initial Website Content

I spend a lot of my time on Site Content for my Online Business, let’s talk about why!

Quality Content


Quality content is the key to a successful website and, subsequently, a successful online business. With SiteContent, you are going to be able to efficiently build & organize your content, set & track your writing goals, and see how your writing abilities fair compared to the rest of the community.”

You can set your goals to what is comfortable for you. Quality content really helps keep me on track with creating engaging content for my website. I use this any time that I would like to write content. I know what my goals are, and I make sure that I try to hit them as best as I can.

Now, there are times that I come up short on my writing goals. I don’t hit my thousand-word target every time. That is OK! The goals are there to act as guidance. If you come up short on your writing goal, do not try to fill it with stuff that will take away from the creativity and uniqueness of your content. Quality Content is available for Starter Members.

Quality Images


Beautify Your Content With Over 1,000,000 Beautiful Graphics. Want access to over 1,000,000 beautiful and fully optimized images? SiteContent Image is a platform offered within the Premium membership that allows you to choose and add images that can be used in any way you like. There are over 1+ million beautiful, niche related images to choose from and that you can easily integrate into your content & are automatically optimized for fast website load times.”

I can almost always find the right picture for me.

Although this particular feature is for Premium Members only, as a Starter Member, you can still find quality images for your content. One site that I use frequently is – there are tons of free images available, and all you have to do is type in the search box whatever Image you are looking for.

Grammar & Spelling


“Grammar & Spelling Perfection” None of us have perfect grammar or spelling. Built by linguists and web content experts, SiteContent Premium finds and corrects 100’s of complex writing errors, so you don’t have to. It also “learns” from your activity! So, as you continue to write using the platform, the grammar and spelling checker will get even more efficient!”

While this feature is pretty good in catching errors and offering corrections, It is still my advice to go through your article after you have used this feature and make sure that it is accurate. I do this every time, and I always find corrections that still need to be made. This is included with a free Starter Membership.



“Plagiarism Checker before any content is published to your website through SiteContent, and it is run through our sophisticated “plagiarism checker” that compares your content to over 8 billion pages online. Duplicate content is not suitable for SEO, so you must be aware of this crucial information.”

This feature is for Premium Members. One of the reasons that I became a Premium Member was because of this. I know that my content is original and unique to me and my online business.



“Templates for Efficiency.” There are many “types” of website content that you will create as you build out your website. Set-up specific content structures and layouts in minutes with SiteContent templates. Speed up your overall content design & creation by 300% by merely leveraging models.”

This feature is included with a Starter Membership, however, as a Premium Member, you will have access to MORE templates, and you can create your templates with a few clicks of a button. I have already created my models to be efficient in writing content for my website.

My Overall Opinion?


SiteRubix is an excellent tool to have as a beginner (or advanced) Affiliate Marketer. Creating engaging content for your website is done with ease using this tool. I used to think to develop engaging and unique content was going to be difficult for me, but after going through the training and having the right platform under my belt – I can accomplish anything!

Writing content for my website is one of my favorite things to do. SiteContent makes the process so unique to me.

Please do me ONE favor.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Writing Platform for your Website – Site Content”

  1. Thank you for the post. Very informative and enlightening. I was researching affiliate marketing for a while and to come across your post, well, it came at just the right time as there seem to be many scams out there. One question for you: are you able to transfer an already existing website over to Wealthy Affiliate, or is it purely for new sites only? I guess the images that are available must all be royalty-free stock so that would save a lot of time and hassle looking for something elsewhere if it’s all under the same “roof”. Thanks again for the info 🙂

    • You are so welcome! I am honored to help you! If you already have a domain, you can transfer it to WA with ease!

      You are correct in your guess! The images are royalty-free! It really does save me so much time now that I’d not scour the internet for free high quality photos

  2. Hello, Affiliate Girl

    I really enjoyed my time on your blog, and you shared such good information I plan to share your post on my social media pages for you. I am sure you are helping so many people with this post, and I know I learned some things new to me


  3. I really am intrigued by the fact that there’s a plagiarism checker. I outsource a significant part of my content writing for my blogs. The problem with this is that there’s always a risk my writers are copying work from elsewhere on the internet or just spinning content over and over again. This seems like a great way to avoid that

    • Hi Martina! You must have some AWESOME work if other people want to plagiarize it. I couldn’t imagine how frustrating that could be.

      SiteContent will always check for duplicate content before you publish any post to your website! Ensuring that your content is uniquely yours every time!

      Let me know how you how like it!

  4. Hi Elise,
    What a great review of Site Content. 🙂
    As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I’ve been using this writing platform for years. And the owners are continually improving it. There are supposed to be more features added this year which will be great!
    One of the features I love is “Site Analysis”. If you type in your keyword, it will bring up the top 10 posts in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This is a perfect way to see what your competition is doing with the same keyword.
    It can give you a leg up to rank higher than the others, lol.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much.

  5. Thank you, Suzanne!

    I always love hearing your knowledge and input! Thank you for telling others about your educated input on WA and with Site Content!

    Thank you for always being so encouraging/supporting!



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