How to Advertise your Business with my #1 Start-Off Tip!

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If you are at the point where you want to advertise your business or are even just starting – I am going to share with you my #1 Start-Off Tip!

This tip I am talking about has not only increased my client revenue, but it has improved my income potential as well. This method did not cost me anything.

This has helped me jump-start my business from the beginning, so without further ado – Let’s begin!







Social Sharing

Whether you like social media or not, it really can be so powerful in gaining attraction to your business. Even if you don’t use social media; Millions of people do.

The best thing about it is that you can advertise your business for free or by paying for ads. If you don’t already have social media for your website – I recommend making at least a Facebook and Pinterest account.

I have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. All of those channels help my business become established as an authority figure and help attract customers.

Join Relevant Groups

With every post that I share on my social media, I also share within the groups that I have joined. The content you want to offer should be educational and useful to your intended readers.

You don’t have to start promoting what you are offering upfront. What you want to provide upfront is useful information, and start building a relationship with your target audience.

This will help establish you as an authority figure and build trust within the community. If you are an affiliate marketer like me, you want to join groups that target new customers – but also groups where you can get offers for other affiliate marketing opportunities.

Encourage Sharing your Content

Encourage your readers to share your content. At the end of every post I create, I ask my audience to please do me ONE favor. Since I taught something, I ask that all my audience does in return – is just share my post on their social media.

By asking personally, this helps build a more meaningful relationship – and engages positive responses within the community.

Your audience will know that they can trust you and that you offer credible information. This helps build your presence without even paying for ads.

Paid Advertisements

I prefer not to use ads, but I have found them helpful at the beginning of my business. My website is specifically designed to generate free traffic online by using SEO and keywords.

That particular process takes time, so while I waited – I had some money to try out the ads on social media. Being that affiliate marketing is my niche, I found it hard to find the right repetition to get my ad approved per the guidelines.

Bots review most social media ads. Those bots look for specific words and will reject the ad if it does not meet their standards.

My niche is all around making money online, which is not recommended in the advertising guidelines. I have found ways around that, but that is for another post.

Penny for my Thoughts

Overall, I found that up-to-date sharing information works best. In many of the Facebook groups that I have joined related to my niche, I have found that there are numerous bots and people who just spam the group with their promotions.

Most people view them as scammers because they offer a large amount of money – in a little time – at a low cost. Not only that but because all they do is promote – people do not view them as authority figures.

They aren’t sharing any valuable information within the community. They aren’t building trust or establishing any kind of relationship. You can tell that they are only there for a profit to help themselves – not to help you.

I have gained customers, and a more extensive following base just from joining groups and sharing valuable information. I built a relationship, and I take the time to answer questions.

In turn, this has lead to more referrals and more job offers. Guess what? Those people who you build a relationship with are more likely to engage and accept your offer when the time is right.

I wasn’t expecting to get job offers when I first started joining groups and sharing content. However, I received an email yesterday from a company that has high paying commissions who saw my content, viewed my website, and reached out to ME.

There is so much potential in social sharing if you do it correctly. Whether you pay for ads or not, you and your business can make an impact.

Please do me ONE favor.

If this has helped you, please like, comment, and share! I am all about sharing helpful information that can benefit everyone. Let’s spread the knowledge around!

8 thoughts on “How to Advertise your Business with my #1 Start-Off Tip!”

  1. I already have a website in which I’m investing to increase my audience. I already have a Pinterest account and still have to create an Instagram for it. Something that I haven’t paid much attention was to join groups around my niche on Facebook for example, thanks for this insight!

  2. Your article is very encouraging. Social media is something I am struggling with largely because I don’t want to get drawn into spending great amounts of time engaging on either FB or Twitter etc when I could be engaging on my site or on someone else’s site. What you say makes a lot of sense about asking for a favor. Nearly all, if no all the content on my site is informational and not me trying to sell anything and I will keep it that way as I build my site out. I will do as you say and post this blog to my FB page. Sorry if I am getting the terms wrong – as I say I am struggling with social media :-), Thanks again and best regards, Andy

  3. Thanks for the tip it really helps demonstrate the importance of promoting content organically. I always hated the idea of just making money for the money. That is how a person ends up doing things they do not like doing, trading time for money.

    In other words working for money instead of having money work for them.

    I am shy person, despite that I do ask for comments from my readers. However I have not joined relevant groups or passively asked to share my content. That is something that undoubtedly has value in itself. 

    Essentially engaging and being human can go a long way as an affiliate marketer. Thank you for addressing this!

  4. Affiliate Girl,

      Best article I have read all day. I must say I am just starting out with my online business. I started my business last year 2019. I built a website, paid for a few advertisement, joined some groups within my niche, created a facebook page for my business. and I even helped people with their petitions. My niche is helping others with their K1 Visa Petition’s. My wife is from Vietnam so it was a great niche to go into because I saw a lot of people struggle with the paperwork, and documents. I have helped several people over the last 7 months of starting my business. One thing I was missing…..traffic to my website. 

    Recently I found Weatlhy Affiliate. Built a new website, produced blog posts, and even set up my business profile on google and bing. Only thing missing was still the traffic, and how to effectively promote my site without seeming like I was spamming a group just to have my posts blocked for breaking community rules. 

    You have opened my eyes to the proper way to promote my business. I was eager to drive traffice to my site that I was missing the point. I need to post on the sites I am on with educational posts. Do you find it is ok to make my own posts on the community groups with information, and then link a blog post for others to view?  Is this method going to get my posts removed for violating the rules or is posting links to a blog ok?

    Thank you so much for helping me see a better way. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have see my business grow considerably.


  5. Splendid review on how to advertise your business with #1 start up tip…I must sat am really to stumble upon this awesome article as it’s just what I need in my online to survive… Ever since I started my blog, it’s been really difficult generating traffic…have tried alot o means and I can’t wait to try these your tips…..hanks for the informatiive article.

  6. Hello there, awesome article there, the importance of advertisement cannot be overemphasized in any business but the “how” is a factor that should always be  put into consideration, I must say this is a very timely post for me because I intend building my business online soon, its quite good I have the right arsenal on ground. Thanks for sharing.

    • Congratulations on making the decision to build a business! I am so happy you found this post helpful! If you ever have any questions about the process or training, you can always reach out to me!


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