The Affiliate Girl – All about Affiliate Marketing (&Entrepreneurship)

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Hello, My name is Elise. I founded The Affiliate Girl in 2020.
I currently coach people one-on-one on how to earn money with a website (in any niche) by showing them the platform I use for my Affiliate Marketing training course (or the Online Entrepreneur Certification).
There are over 4 Billion potential customers online, and you can reach them without ads!
Becoming an Affiliate Marketer (Or Entrepreneur) has never been easier! With proper training + hard work = HIGH FINANCIAL PAYOUTS!!!!!!!!!!
This platform is truly amazing (not to mention their recurring commissions’ Affiliate Program). To prove how amazing this platform is, you can check it out with Zero-Risk to you.
No payment information is required to sign up and start learning. This is not a get rich quick gig, but it is something that can (and will; with the proper education) turn into a full-time career (eventually).
I work full time 8 am – 6 pm Monday – Friday, but from 6 pm – Midnight; I Build MY Legacy.

I would like to invite you to have me as your Personal Coach and start building your Legacy with us at no cost to you (and no payment information is required). Upon signing up, you will have access to:

  • 20 free step-by-step Video Lessons (Video Walk-Throughs)
  • One-on-One Training Help (from me!)
  • Website Builder
  • Security Package (+ SSL)
  • Analysis
  • SiteSpeed Performance Boost
  • Duplicate Content Checker
  • Botnet Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Personal Affiliate Blog (+ more)

I can personally verify that there is no risk when joining Wealthy Affiliate (Guaranteed).

  1. No payment information is required to sign up.
  2. You will not be asked for any personal (sensitive) information.
  3. All payment transactions can be done through PayPal (Once you start seeing commissions) or upgrade (if you want)


Whether you are a beginner or experienced – there is always room for personal growth, networking, and learning!


There are over 50,000 + (independent) Authority Bloggers that rate Wealthy Affiliate their “go-to” platform.


==>>Sign up (without any payment info) Now!




It is my goal to help guide others through this fantastic platform and training. You will not find a platform like this anywhere else in the world!


Not only will you have me as your Personal Coach, but also the fantastic support/encouragement of experts within WA. You can check out my WA profile: EliseTAG!


You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN.


You are led by who you choose to follow. Join me and get driven by Wealthy Affiliate (& the Co-Founders Kyle/Carson)! WA has been around since 2005 and is now propelling and leading the marketing industry. As a Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to 7 free days of:


  • Live 24/7 Help
  • Network with Experts
  • Integrated Training Help
  • Networking Capabilities
  • 30 free searches on Jaaxy
  • 1x Commissions

My favorite part about this platform is that WA allows you to see for yourself just how unique their platform is – before you choose to have a Premium Membership. I will be your Personal Coach, no matter which Membership you have.


It takes time, proper training, and work from you to get there – but if you stick with this, you’ll be able to reach customers World-Wide using SEO and keywords. That is how Affiliate Marketing can become a full-time job.


Since it was free to start learning, I got started right away. I upgraded to Premium because I genuinely believe that if I stick with this – I can make MORE than my current full-time day job. I am serious about turning this into my full-time career, and I know that it is possible from other members I know at Wealthy Affiliate.

Please do me ONE favor.

If this has helped you, please like, comment, and share! I am all about sharing helpful information that can benefit everyone. Let’s spread the knowledge around!


I work 8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday, but from 6 pm to Midnight, I Build MY Legacy.


Start building yours today with me! Together, we CAN achieve our goals.


If you have a product that you would like me to promote on my website, please send me an email!


To Our Success,

Elise AKA The Affiliate Girl












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9 thoughts on “The Affiliate Girl – All about Affiliate Marketing (&Entrepreneurship)”

  1. Hi Elise,

    Most people also don’t really believe they can do it. Thing is, with the right guidance they are able to do. The platform seems good to demo.

    With all the free bonus stuff with out having to login seems well worth it to see what it’s like.

    Don’t they also offer cheaper ways to subscribe as well?


  2. Anyone can learn with the training that WA provides. It is thorough and easy to follow/understand. Even if you still have questions (which is normal) you will have access to help when you need it.

    Which is also one of the reasons I want to offer my services as a Personal Coach. I can help if you have any questions, or get stuck with the training.

    I can also help with WordPress and Jaaxy questions/concerns!

    You can upgrade to paying your membership yearly for a HUGE discount!

  3. Affiliate marketing is crucial when trying to make money online. You have to ability to reach so many more people and help them find what they need. A lot of people are not aware of this or how to even begin putting everything together but you are willing to teach and aid them in the process. Good for you! Some people are not even aware what they might be missing out on. Education is key… the more you know, the more you can apply it in your website.

  4. There is definately more than meets the eye here at Wealthy Affiliate.  I really appreciate your The Affiliate Girl logo you have going.  Such a smart girl!  See, that is why I like to read the reviews of this business site, to find out how people are using the site.  I am always finding new ways I can benefit.

    You have given an overall review with an emphasis on my favorite part, the Network.  Sometimes one in the network will write about what is happening where they are.  It is so much fun to find information about what is going on in Australia or Scotland or Holland and many other places around the globe.  I love to hear what the concerns are where the members live. We are all so much more alike than different.  Thanks for your views and the insight to how you are using the business opportunity, Sami

  5. Hello Elisa, congratulations on founding the affiliate girl. This is a brilliant idea and very timely too, at a time that people have to stay home. Wealthy Affiliate sounds perfect. I like the fact that I don’t have to supply payment information before assessing 7 free days of the program. I’m sure I will be going premium after 7 days!   

  6. Hey, there The Affiliate girl; beautiful name, eh? You have shown braveness in this post. If ever I need a coach, I will be sure to shout out to you. Wealthy Affiliate has a space on the online world that no one can defy.

     It is good that you have seen reasons to make yourself available to help the helpless. As you continue to explore WAs platform you will notice that there is a vast amount of information that will take you and me to the next level


  7. Nice and awesome article on the platform affiliate Girl… Affiliate marketing is by far one of the most lucrative means you can earn online and its pretty very easy too…with affiliate marketing àll you need is a three simple step training to get to it which are to create a niche, build your website and promote products and them make get a commission for the sales..

  8. Hello Elise, thanks for this very informative post, I am very interested in affiliate marketing, I have done quite a few research as to how to start affiliate marketing, however I find your recommendation of wealthy affiliate very help seeing that the packages are easy to go with, and it’s not very expensive, i’ll give it a try, and I hope I won’t regret it.


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